(As given by the testifier)
I was the one that has a bad heart and when y'all laid hands on me for that, you also fixed my legs,
one longer than the other one. Please keep me in your prayers - Michelle

I wanna take the time to say "Thank You" for always caring and not judging, loving without
stopping and praying for the salvation of some hard-headed folks who need God. I have accepted
Jesus into my heart and am trying to live my life the way He wants me to - Ashley

I thank God that He finally healed me to my T-cell count being the same as normal people, after 22
years I wont see the infections doctor anymore - Dedria

I want to thank you the "Samples" for being faithful in the Word like ya'll are. Everything or almost
everything that I have ever put on a prayer card has come to pass and the things that haven't yet, I
know that they really have. Now I'm just waiting to see them in reality. Ive asked to get mail from
my children that I haven't seen in years, I got letters and pictures from all 3 of them - Sunshine

You know I asked prayer that the Lord bless my granddaughter Alexis with a job, well she has a job
- Betty

Not long ago I had a C-section and God blessed me with a son (Isaiah); well, only nine months later

I felt a hugh knot on the far right side of my scar. Well I had Sister Doris pray over me. With her
faith and my faith in Jehovah-Rophe - Our Healer, He healed me within a week praise God. The knot
shrank and then was gone completely. - Stephanie

Im delivered from homosexuality, unforgiveness, complaining, strife, pride, having to have my own
way. He's healed not just my mind, but my body from heart disease that I was diagnosed with; I am
taking no medication and I have no chest pains; God has blessed me with fainancial blessings,
wonderful family and friends to support me. - Ebby

I came to your service Christmas-time for the 1st time expecting to find something real. I prayed
and believed and that prayer request came to pass. Thank You...from a Muslim!

I was so messed up in the head I started liking girls in 6th grade. I then got into a relationship with a
woman who put a needle in my arms and beat me also this last 8 years because she wouldn't let me
go. I have walked through these prison walls hoping to find a companionship but I find God...I let
my walls down in Jerico, everything I had been carrying around with me that hurt me so, I let Him
have it. I learned now by God's compassionate and unfailing love, I can cry and feel. He has brought
me to a place I've been trying to get to for a while and that's with Him! - Tina

He has put a wonderful woman and man of God in our life. I want to thank Him again for Sister
Doris and Brother Larry that they have taken their time out to come and give us the Word of our
God. I myself, and the other ladies here in Lockhart gets many a blessing out of the Word; not only
the Word but the truth from the Word. There's no sugar coating on it or anything - just straight up
Word. - Linda

God bless you and keep you. You have saved alot of souls through your ministry. Keep up the good
work. Love - Latresa

At the age of 32, I realized I have tried everything but you God. On December 30...as I sit in
church, I hear you tell me I need to follow the voice of Brother Larry Sample as he speak right to
my heart. Although my flesh tried to not listen to Sister Doris as she prepared me for this moment,
the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said Yes!, my child, it is I whom is calling you. So I went up and
gave myself to You Lord. - Tracey

Pastor Larry & Doris Sample,

Your article is very inspiring. I remember how I used to get involved with other's ministry, which
was good to listen to others. But your ministry attracted me totally. Other words full of the Spirit,
Love, and whereas a child can understand it. Love & Peace - Darla

My mother came out of surgery well, and is doing very well. Thank you for your prayers. - Sylvia

Thank God for healing my father of prostate cancer. - C.

The last time I attended your service, I had been in severe back pain to where I could not walk. You
mentioned, if anyone here were with a back problem - we would be healed. I'm healed!!! Ever since I
have had no back problems. The Praise be to God!!! - Elisa

You both have taught me a lot from your past services. - Nikkie

I would like to thank you all 4 your teachings on Prayer & Faith because that has helped me so much
on this journey. Everything I've prayed 4 n you'al standing in agreement with me has come to pass. I've
rededicated my life back to God in you all's service. I wanna thank you 4 being a vessel 4 God in my
life. - Stephanie

Thank you with all my heart, for bringing the Word of God. I feel it so strongly. - Gloria

I have a praise to share with everyone...God has healed my left knee, it no longer hurts praise Yah.

Thank you Jesus, and for you for your prayers, my niece Angel was told by doctors that she has a brain
cancer, but by your prayers and mine, she is free from their so-called cancer. And then she got other
tests done, and they they said that she was going to have her inside taken out, I said the devil is a BIG
Liar, she is healed by the blood of Jesus. - Sylvia

Thanks Mr & Mrs Sample - you have given me much needed word I will be forever thankful for you
bringing the Word to Lockhart. I will carry everything that you have taught me with me and I will apply it
to my life. Thank you and God bless you in everything you both do. - Roxinia

Our names are Pamela and Cynthia. We are currently incarcerated at the Lockhart Unit. We have
become fast friends and sisters in Christ in the short time we have known each other. We have a friend
here with us who is also a part of our sisterhood and her name is Karen. Karen's husband had
developed gall stones that passed through and severely damaged his pancreas which landed him in
the I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit) His pancreas levels were well over 500, while the norm is under 100. He
had difficulty breathing and heart problems and infections that antibiotics could not cure and was being
fed intravenously. The doctors exhausted all options and there was nothing left they could do, and they
didn't believe he would live. At this point he had been in the hospital for 3 weeks and lost 45 pounds.
Cynthia and I had started attending Bible Study with Pastors Larry and Doris Sample. They are an
extraordinary couple. They put so much love and passion intoi what they do for the Lord and for us.
The Holy Spirit is evident in the both of them. They have such a tremendous amount of faith that is so
contagious and we could see that was the case with all the ladies who attended service. We knew by
their testimonies that God was working miracles amongst them. We knew that we had to get Karen to
attend service with us and she did. Karen stood a proxy for her husband and we all prayed over her.
You see we know a mighty God who is also our Chief Physician, our Protector, a God of miracles, grace
and unlimited favor. Nothing is too impossible for our God. The Lord says in Matthew 18:19-20,
I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my
Father in Heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them."
Glory be to
God. Thank you Lord Jesus, because just a few days after we prayed for Karen's husband he was
released from the hospital and today he is back to his normal daily routine of life, taking care of his
infant grandson. I just want to first and foremost thank God, the Samples and all our faithful sisters at
Lockhart. - 7/2014

Pastor Larry & Pastor Doris...The pamphlet you all send me I am so thankful for the articles you all
write. It's like I am acting out each character. Every newsletter have several main points. It makes you
think how blessed I am and where I came from to this day. I learn to put God first and everything else
falls in place. I thank God moreso when things are going wrong, than when things are going right. Your
Mom is awesome. Your mom lives a Holy life. Your mom got the kind of forgiveness that heals a
wounded heart. Your mom was the very first that taught me about putting 512 before a local telephone
number. Merle loves her family dearly. She has a hearty laugh like a parrot. You all are obedient to the
Lord, you all open many hearts with love and forgiveness. Thanks for being part of my life. Darla 2014

I just want to say that you both inspire me to be a better wife, mother and over-all person. Thank you
for your prayers and service. I made parole Yea! Love Pamela 2014

Pastors Larry & Doris - you always write such many, many articles on Jesus . You show me our time to
honor God. Learn to be good and faithful servant of our Lord, cause we are a representative of God.
Learn to be compassionate and merciful. When I'm devastated, in hateful and selfish ways, I learned
the redeemer Jesus Christ will forgive me if I ask Him for forgiveness. I thank you kindly for your
knowledge of the Lord. Darla

Thank you for all you do in this ministry for so many years. David

To Larry Sample - thank you so much for the altar call. Also, to Sample family, may all of your lives be
blessed abundantly. Justin

Thank you for all you do by visiting us and being there for us and touching our lives. God Bless -

Thank you for treating us like family. Thanks again, God bless you. Thanks for your prayers. Matthew

I would like you to keep me and my family in your prayers. And I would like to thank you for your time
and services. I really enjoyed them and truly got something out of each lesson yall brung each night.

I would like to pray for both of you. Keep on doing God's will whatever it takes and pray to be with my
family real soon. Thank you for coming and helping me grow in my faith, hope, and love. Take care.
God bless you, see you in Heaven! Alejandro

Thanks for caring. Fidel

I thank God for the Samples and pray they are blessed in all aspects of their lives, as well as their
children and grandchildren. I pray that I one day am able to follow the wonderful example they have
shown. - Pullins

I love you guys and I pray for continual blessings and glory for the both of you. Never think that you are
not appreciated. I was yearning for fellowship outside my dorm when I arrived here at Lockhart, and I
found it the first night that I entered your service. I have kept notes from each Bible Study that I have
attended so I will re-read those notes and follow-up with scripture to keep myself spiritually fed. Keep
doing the work of the Lord because your ministry is a blessing to so many people. - Tammy

My prayer is for you and your wife to stay strong in the Lord. And, I thank the both of you for coming out
and doing God's will and that is feeding us the word. God Bless you both. - Cheryl

I have enjoyed coming to your church services. May God bless us all, you all have been my inspiration
thru the months I have been here. Thank you so very much!!! - Christa

I have been coming to the Sample's service for 11 months, 2 hours a week. During this time I have
learned more about the love of God, than I have all my life. I am 43 years old, and for the first time in
my life, I have an intimate relationship with God. He is raining down blessings and performing miracles
in my life. The Samples are so anointed! God speaks strait through them. They taught me how to pray,
forgive, and have faith. God bless you - love Fonda

I love to come to your Bible Study and I will continue to come until God sees me home. Thank you and
God bless - Hernandez

I would like to thank God for sending you guys to us and helping us learn the word of God. May God
bless you and your family - LaShundra

Thank you both so much for your prayers & support. I've been coming to your services for about 5
months now and I always feel the Spirit in yall and receive what I need from you! You are the only real
positive influence I have at this point in my life and I thank you. I love you. Thank you for praying for my
brother & mother. God bless you - Ashley

God bless you for coming here for us. Thanks so much you have really inspired me and have helped
me to better understand God and all He has done and will do for us. - Dena

I thank ya'll for helping us to know God more and more, I love Christ - Caloway

I thank yall for your prayers. I made parole and got FI1 and I know that it came from God. I pray for
many blessings for yall - Michelle

I really thank you for your services cause I always get something out of it. Ya'll are great! - Angela

Thank ya'll for coming and caring. - Ashley