This picture shows just a few of the facility
residents listening to the Christmas Story
being told by Brother Larry as related in the
book of Luke. This was at a Nursing Facility
in Austin, TX every Christmas for 8 years.
Bread of Life is more than just a prison ministry, more than just
a prayer ministry and more than just a healing ministry. The
pictures that follow show another facet of this ministry of which
God has blessed us to be a part...
This was a Christmas service held at a
facility in Austin, Texas. Sister Doris was
leading the people in singing the carols and
This is Marilyn Anderson...the Lord has
blessed us with her; He was speaking of
her in Hebrews 6:10
Evangelist Austin Edoboru;
Igban Bible Church
P O Box 4503
Benin City Edo State, Nigeria
We wish to thank you so much for blessing
us with 27 King James version Bibles.
And I would love you and other of your
team to come over to my Country and join
us in the Work of Soul Winning. I will be
glad to welcome you to Nigeria as soon as
the Lord directs you.
Church service at igban Bible Church
9, Osarodion Street
Mobile Avenue, Benin City, Edo State-Nigeria