Bread of Life Prison, Prayer & Healing

About Us
Welcome to our Website (Who We Are)
We are Brother Larry & Sister Doris Sample...Pastors and Evangelists.
We have been in prison ministry since 1999 and we have evangelized
and ministered in various locations since 1998. We have held many
Bible Studies and Church Services in these locations. We go to minister
in prisons, and wherever else God leads! This ministry is not only one
that goes into prisons, we are also a prayer and healing ministry. We
have seen God cause people who had metal rods in their leg start to
run, some with one leg shorter than the other have the short leg grow
out equal with the other...people with back problems being able to bend
over to touch their toes and twist their back with no pain. God's love
and grace transcend all barriers and regardless of the location, God
wants to bless His people. We have seen a multitude of people receive
God's salvation, get healed, set free and delivered.

We publish a monthly newsletter that is sent to our partners and prayer
partners in various cities across the nation and prisons within the state
of Texas. We will however, send one to anyone who wishes to have it.
There is no cost involved for either prayer or to receive the newsletter;
however all donations are gratefully accepted. One thing we could use
from you more than anything else is "P r a y e r !"

We have been ordained by God Himself and by our Pastors...Pastor
Mike and Pastor Hazel Simons, founders of the PromiseLand Television

We believe there is but "ONE" God...You may call Him 'Yahweh',
'Jehovah', 'Elohim', 'El Shaddai', 'Adonai', 'Messiah', 'El Elyon',...we
simply call Him "JESUS"! He's coming soon..."Are you Ready?!?"